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13-14/04/19 Crawley Model Railway Show

23-24/02/19 Tenterden Model Railway Show

02-03/02/19 Alton Model Railway Show

26-27/01/19 Longfeild Model Railway Show

19-20/01/19 Canterbury Model Railway Show

12-13/01/19 Bognor Regis Model Railway Show

10-11/11/18 - Tolworth Model Rail Show 

03-04/11/18 - West Sussex 'n' Gauge Model Rail Show

03-04/11/18 - Northfleet Model Rail Show

13-14/10/18 - Farnham Model Rail Show

13-14/10/18 - Croyden Model Rail Show

29-30/09/18 - Worthing Model Rail Show

29/09/18 - Walton On Thames Model Rail Show

15-16/09/18 Dartford Model Rail Show

08-09/09/18 - Faversham Model Rail Show

01-02/09/18 - Fort Pitt Model Rail Show

07-08/07/18 - Basildon Model Rail Show

23-24/06/18 - Bluebell Model Rail Show

April 2018 - We are now in the process of putting together our next DVD North Yorkshire Moors Railway Here and Now

14-15/04/18 - Crawley Model Rail Show

28/03/18 - We have joined instagram!!!

24-25/02/18 - Tenterden Model Rail Show

17-18/03/18 - East Grinstead Model Rail Show

03-04/02/18 - Febex Model Rail Show

27-28/01/18 - Longfeild Model Rail Show 

27/01/18 - Sandwich A B C Show

13-14/01/18 - Bognor Regis Model Rail Show

25/11/17 - Hornby Toy Fair Event - Hornby Visitor Center, 

18-19/11/17 - Broadstairs Model Railway Show 

18-19/11/17 - Shoeburryness Model Rail Show

11-12/11/17 - Tolworth Model Rail Exhibition

04-05/11/17 - West Sussex "N" Gauge Exhibition

04-05/11/17 - Gravesend Model Railway Show

28/10/17 - East Kent Model Railway Whitstable Exhibition

14-15/10/17 - Wilmington Model Railway Exhibition

14-15/10/17 - Farnham Railway Show 

30/09-01/10/17 - Dorking Model Railway Show 

23-24/09/17 - Worthing Model Railway Show

16-17/09/17 - Dartford Model Railway Show

09-10/09/17 - Faversham Model Railway Exhibition

02-03/09/17 - Fort Pitt Model Railway Exhibition

01-02/07/17 - Basildon Model Railway Show 

24-25/06/17 - Bluebell Model Railway Exhibition

03/4/06/17 - Chatham Model Railway Show.

28/05/17 - Private filming job that was very successful 

29/04-12/05/17 - Filming at N Y M R was amazing! A very good trip

22-23/04/17 - Crawley Model Railway Show

01/04/17 - Filming Work As Through The Lens For Sandwich ABC Fight Night and what a night it was! if you would like to buy a DVD or photos of the night feel free to CONTACT US!

11-12/03/17- East Grinstead Exhibition 

09/02/17 - Our new company Through The Lens was created!!!

Through The Lens will now takeover all our photography and videography work.

This will leave us to focus on producing our DVD's.

Although all photography and videography work will be undertaken under the name of Through The Lens it will remain wholly owned under the banner of Heritage In Motion.

04-05/02/17 - Alton Exhibition

28-29/01/17 - Erith Model Railway Exhibition.

14-15/01/17 A great weekend at the Bognor Regis Exhibition!A lovely atmosphere, really good layouts.

26/11/16  We did some portfolio photography at a local boxing event. Sandwich ABC Grand Boxing Dinner Show at the Baypoint Club. If you would like a copy of the night please contact us.

19-20/11/16 -What an amazing weekend at the Shoeburyness Model Railway Show!

05-06/11/16 - Gravesend Model Railway Show. 

05/11/16 - West Sussex Area Group Model Railway Show.

08-09/10/16 - Croyden model Railway exhibition

17-18/09/16 - This weekend had very good weather for us at the Erith Model Railway Show.

10-11/09/16 - This weekend we had a fantastic time at the Faversham Model Railway Show.

03-04/09/16 - This weekend we had a very successful time at the Medway Model Railway Show

28/08/16 - Today we was filming at East Herts Miniature Railway which should give us everything we need from them for Miniature Railways of Home Counties.

08/08/16 - You may of seen us today doing some filming on the wagons at the Kent and East Sussex Railway stations Rolverden and Wittersham Road for our upcoming DVD Wagons of Kent and East Sussex which is due to be released this winter.

07/08/16 - Today we visited the Weald of Kent Steam Rally which was a fantastic day and we are hoping to participate in next year. A very well done to all of the organizers.

06/08/16 - Today we was filming at East Herts Miniature Railway for our upcoming DVD Miniature Railways Of Home Counties which is due out in the new year.

30 & 31 /07/16  Bluebell Railway Exhibition.

22/07/16 - Today we was very proud to be the official camera crew for Mr & Mrs Cornwall's church wedding. The day was a great success and we have been informed that the happy couple are extremely satisfied with our work, we would like to take this opportunity to wish them every luck in the future.